Market Overview

Maverick Healthcare has assembled one of the best underwriting teams to provide solutions that protect the exposures of the healthcare industry. Our program enables us to provide professional, general and specialty coverage for our clients while delivering competitive pricing, terms and quick turnaround.


• Min. Premium Starting at $1,000   • Min. Deductibles Starting at $1,000      • Professional & General Liability      

• Hired and Non-Owned Auto available      • Sexual Abuse/Molestation Coverage Available   •  Theft of Client Property    

 • Incident Sensitive Policy Form   • Defense Outside the Limit Available • First Defense Available   • Cyber Liability Available

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Not Just a Broker, We are the Market

Clients love convenience — and so do you.

Maverick Healthcare is the market access point for wholesalers, brokers and facilities within the healthcare industry seeking the best coverage options. Our in-house program underwriters enables us to obtain the best terms and pricing on coverage. 


Industry Expertise

Our underwriters average over 20+ years of specialty healthcare
expertises and understand the unique and complex challenges of the industry.

These highly skilled professional underwriters are matched with industry leading market security, risk management and claims services. This Maverick Healthcare team provides industry leading coverage and prompt service.


I work with Maverick on a weekly basis and they are by far the best team I've worked with. Their knowledge of the products, kindness, response time, and eagerness to write business is second to none.

Jeremy McDonald, CEO American Insurance Services, LLC

Client Profile



Healthcare Consultants Mental Health Day Schools
Adult Day Care Home Healthcare Mobile X-Ray


Alcohol/Drug Rehabilitation

Hospice Inpatient & Outpatient Nurses & Nurse  Practitioners
Audiology Meals on Wheels Phone Crisis Hotline

Blood Bank

Medical Clinics Physician Assistants
Chiropractic Clinics Medical Directors Referral Agency Therapy
Crisis Pregnancy Centers Medical Staffing Agencies  Respite Care
Dental Lab Medi Spas Shelters
Durable Medical Equipment Medical training Schools Surgery Centers
Family Planning Centers Medical Testing Lab Transitional Living
Group Homes Medical Transport Urgent Care Centers



Not Afraid of Difficult Risks


Our market has broad authority and an appetite, which gives us leverage to specialize in accounts and classes with more difficult underwriting conditions, which much of the industry avoids.


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